Savor - Kate Evangelista Review also posted at Ja čitam, a ti?

First of I shall start with the cover. Kate Evangelista's books never fail when it comes to the covers. All that I've seen and read had this amazing art on them. But for me the best thing is that they're always connected to the story itself. So, yes this beautiful dress appears in the story.

But we'll get to that. At the start we meet Dakota our main character in this story. She is a photography student who has a great eye for a photography and extraordinary talent, but she manages that with one eye only as she always wears eye patch. Once for the project she must do for her school newspaper, she gets to take photos of Vicious, the band that's been on the top of every music chart. When she sees the potential she never fails to chase it. So she decided to go all in and ask them to be her models for her final school project, with that she knows if she goes thing rightly, many doors will open for her. Once she gets them to accept her offer she finds her self in different world one that she doesn't know much about. Only how far will she go and how much is she willing to sacrifice.

Firstly Dakota is a character that I grew to admire through this book. She is independent, strong-willed young woman who takes care of herself. Well until she meats Luka, the bassist of Vicious who is hard to resist I must say. He is a rockstar so what else do I have to say. It was great to see how conflicted the two of them were and how Luka was more complicated than you'd thought. Secondly you already get an excerpt of the writing from the blurb and I must say it fits Dakota's character fully.

There are some things that made me gave this book fours star even though it was truly addicting. Mostly this is the was Ms Evangelista always works with her series and that's it doesn't offer you answers. Not all of them for the matter. You're usually left with many unanswered questions at the end. I'm used to it, to some extend. From one point it's great cause it makes you want more, but then again agony is an old friend of mine who I still haven't grown to love.

Now, I'm eagerly waiting for more.

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