Betrayed - Carly Fall Review also posted at Ja čitam, a ti?

While I always say that angels are my favorite paranormal creatures somehow I always end up disappointed with stories about them (there are few exceptions, though) but never have I seen a book like this where we deal with Angels of Affection so when I got the opportunity to meet them I jumped right into it.

It all starts with Liam and his last days of life. While fighting for a good cause he dies, but soon enough a new way of life opens for him and we see that he has many regrets to make and this is a chance for him to change. While working and adjusting to the new tasks at hand he didn't dream that once again he will go back being a mortal to help get back the love to the world. His new partner Adela, will have even greater challenges as she left this world a while ago. Together they will do anything to help Jeff.

While this division between the angels and the whole idea of getting love back in to the people was really interesting, sadly this story wasn't as fascinating as I hoped. The whole setting once Liam died and went to heaven was really weakly done. I couldn't sense the whole glorious aura around the angels and the parts of this story which were set on Earth were much better to me. Another thing that bothered me was that some aspects of this story were really predictable, but I must say that the relationship here was really good. I loved how slowly things moved and how the affection between the two grew.

All in all, it's a fast and decent read but sadly nothing much.