Four in the Morning - Christi Goddard Here we have a story about young girl Kathleen. She has a bad relationship with her mother. Her mother tries to peruade her to lose some weight and Kathleen believes that she is ashamed of her. Her best friend Aka as well as other friends are called “freaks“. But things change when one “popular“ guy from the school asks her to do him a favour. In the meantime strange things happen, suddenly Rigel pops up in her life. Kathleen must deal with a lot of crazines at the time.

This story is different. First thing I noticed and liked was main character Kathleen. Not because I like her as a character but because author did great job with her personality. She is that dark/gothic girl who pretends that doesn’t care about others and their opinion but deep inside she is really woundable. I had clear picture of her and I should say it again, really good job is done there. Unfortunately I can’t say the same for the rest of the story. I just couldn’t feel it. It was bunch of words in front of my eyes that made the story but no feelings.

This story is also strange maybe even weird. All that story about Rigel is really surprising for me, but well I don’t read blurbs so I guess it won’t be surprising for others. One more thing is that this book is not predictable. I was really astonished with some moments, some were good but unfrtunately some were bad.

All in all really short and interesting book, but not more than that.