The Gift - Cecelia Ahern Now this is Cecilia Ahern that I know. The one who wrote P.S. I Love You, the one who made me cry after reading her book, the one that write a book which made you think about life. I was a little bit disappointed with Thanks for the Memories but whit this book everything is back to normal. First Cecilia's book I read was P.S. I Love You, and I was so fascinated, then I read those two and feeling wasn't the same. With this book she is back were she used to be.

Speaking of time. It's true, time is something we can't buy, but also it's true how we spent that time. Some writers tend to write as much books as they can, but they don't realize that it takes time to write good book. So dear writers take your time, trust me, we all readers will be more satisfied if we wait a little bit longer and then we get book that we can't stop thinking about.