The Language of Flowers - Vanessa Diffenbaugh After I read this book I read some reviews here, only negative btw. I wanted to know (actually I was astonished) what people don't like in this book. Yes, I knew the answer before I even read reviews.
First of all, when you start reading this book you must know that this book is realistic, so don't expect typical "she likes him, he likes her, they fell and love, everything is great, they live happily ever after". I know that many think that Victoria made huge mistakes, especially later in the book, but you need to consider her life, everything she's been through. When you do, you'll start to understand her decisions.
Now, first thing that you'll be impressed by is the language itself. Trust me, I googled and find out that actually the language existed. I was impressed. Second thing is Victoria's life story, her past, and the person she became. Third is her relation with people.
I must say this book is beautifully written. I found myself with tears in my eyes many times. I enjoyed and I hope that everybody else will.