The Calling - Kelley Armstrong I'll let my dear Sheldon to show you my reaction after reading this book


As some of you know I really love Kelley's books but not this one. I just got the feeling like this book is written only because it had to be done. I won't even start talking about know much I'm disappointed.

I'll write my reasons now and DON'T read it if you're planing to read the book. You've been warned.

From very start of this book I've felt like I just entered some action movie. I really don't have nothing against that but everything has it limits. Through whole book was just action. Really too much.
First thing that got me was Rafa's "death". It was obvious that he didn't die. When Maya started having those dreams it was clear. That was thing #1.
Then the story carried on. I won't name all the things that happened while they were in wilds. All those arguing between them. Gah, they are in wilds alone, I know it is intense and they are scared but all that who will sacrifice for the team story. Suddenly they all are just nice, sweet and lovely friends. All of them? I'm not buying it. OK yes not Nicole, but still we found out that later. Then when Maya and Sam found that motel and how they acted. They desperately need help and they go into that motel demanding, yes demanding help. Who would do that? Then when they came into the van of that man. First thing your parents tell you is don't go with strangers and I'm pretty much sure we are listening to them. Maya and Sam could run away, boys could come or I dunno. Yes he had a gun, but there were 4 of them and the dog. At the end he shoot at them anyway.
Then when they came home. The city was deserted and all that made sense. What bothered me was Corey being turned-on and joking like that in that specific moment. I know he is funny guy but he has been shoot, finally came home, but found it deserted, his mother and brother gone and he is teasing Maya in a sexy way.
One more thing is that I actually don't see the point of this book. Yes, we found out few really interesting things. All of them being some sort of supernatural creatures and all that about the company that owned city was good part. Even Maya's father was good touch to this book. The best was when Maya transformed into cougar. But at the end we are back at the beginning. They are alone, helpless and they still don't know what they are and how bad or good their condition is. Maya is still the center of the universe. Rafa shows that he likes her, Danile still not brave enough for that. Love triangle all the way.

So if somebody is willing to beat my arguments I'm here and I'm listening. If you show me really good POV to all this I'll gladly read this book again.

So 2 stars because of those good things I named there.