Air - Terra Harmony Review also posted @ Ja čitam, a ti?

NOTE! This review will contain spoilers if you haven’t read first book in series Water!

Although this book has it’s ups and downs it is really good sequel after Water. In water focus was on elements more than realtions between people. We still contionue to discover new things about elements and here the focus is on air. Just to explain, even thoug everybook in series is named after one of the elements, it doesn’t necesary mean that whole book is only focused on that element. Focus is always on all of them and balance between them. So as I was saying this book is a bit different, because here story tells about Kaitlyn’s feelings and her condition.
In Air the story continues. After saving Kaitlyn, Micah and the rest of the team is trying to firnd Shawn. They’re back home and they’re trying to do their best to find him. For Kaitlyn things are harder than usual. She’s been thriugh a lot, but also she has one more thing to carry and that is her baby. She is trying to hide it, but she can hide it for long. Soon enough Micah finds out and things have to change for her. We also meet Alex better here, btw he is really great character in this book. After a lot of things they are going to face with their biggest enemy.
What make this book really good is that you never know what’s coming next. Really a lot of things in this book I couldn’t imagine. One of them is the end. It’s completely logical and reasonable but still I didn’t see that coming. One little thing that could have been better (if you ask me) is the relationship between Kaitlyn and Micah. I miss emotions there, whereas when I read Shawn’s name I have no problem with killing him over and over again in my head.
All in all, this is still great and unusually series for me. Therefore I can’t wait to get my arc of Fire!