Inbetween - Tara A. Fuller Review posted at @ Ja čitam, a ti?

First I want to apologize for being the worst street team member ever. I haven’t read the book while I was the part of the Inbetween street team, but well I finally read it now.

Inbetween was something totally different for me. I have read a lot of books that dealt with Heaven or Hell, but Inbtween was something new. So as you all know there is Heaven and Hell but there is also something in between, where our main character is stuck. There he meets a girl and everything suddenly becomes different. She is born again and after few years their ways cross again and so Finn once again has to make very important decision. What is the most important to him? Even though after he made that decision, some other souls want to hurt him, so Emma is in danger again and also Finn is in her life again.

Maybe it sounds like a typical boy meets a girl story, but it's really not. Cause the circumstances are unusual and you cannot put this story in the same place with them. Interesting thing in this book is dual POV, which is always good if you ask me. Another thing I like is mystery about the way they met. I like it cause it's explained later on.

I really loved this book. It had everything I could ask for. I could feel it, it had interesting and new story. Even though some parts were somehow too strange, I never judge it, cause this is fiction, so the sky is the limit. It could stay that way but last few chapters changed everything. I wish this book had ended few chapters before the real end. I’d love it more, cause different ending fits more here. But that’s only my opinion.