Alice in Zombieland (White Rabbit Chronicles) - Gena Showalter Review also posted at Ja čitam, a ti?

This pretty much sums my reaction on this book.

I wasn't big fan of books based on something popular or re-telling, but Fateful changed my views. It looks like Alice in Zombieland put them back where they used to be. Sad but true.

When I saw this book and heard all great things about it I expected a lot. Really it seemed so appealing that I couldn't help myself. According to the blurb you expect amazing Alice as you know it just scarier. Those were my expectations, but the question is what have I got? Basically I got same old Alice just Wonderland is not shiny and colorful, but dark and scary. Here I have problem with that scary part. Putting few dead-body parts in a book and turning characters into zombies won't make a book scary. What makes it scary are feelings, which in this case were hiding or something. I couldn't find them, they're probably good at hidding.

There is no need to tell you about Alice. You know the story. One days she disappears and after falling through nothingness she finds herself in one room with plenty of doors, but only one key. After eating and drinking she manages to find perfect form for entering the Wonderland aka Zombieland. She meets all those fancy characters and you know the rest. I've read Alice long time ago and at a time it was very dear book to me. It was imaginative and took me to another world. This book didn't do that. I wasn't impressed by zombies and rat and everything. I couldn't feel it.

It's obvious that I'm very disappointed by this book. Maybe I expected more but really I'm sad that Alice is used in this way. For me Wonderland is much interesting world than Zombieland. I hope it's just me and that you'll enjoy more than me. I really do. Well good part of all this is that there will be a sequel and I'm very curious about it. So 2 stars, just because it had some funny parts.