On the Jellicoe Road - Melina Marchetta Review posted at: Ja čitam, a ti?

If I had to pick a book I mentioned the most, this one would win the title, for sure. Truth to be told I have never wrote a review for it so I promised myself one thing and it was to write a nice review for this book. I'll fail that's not a question but I'll try. It's something I guess. So here comes, well - nothing.

There are certain books that have a wonderful story and they spin your mind, and of course there are these with the most amazing writing, they also spin your mind. But then you have the ones with the wonderful writing and a magical story, those my dear friend get me to another dimension.

Few times people asked me to tell them what's Jellicoe Road about and that made me think. I for sure can't explain this story cause you have to live through it, feel it and then survive it. All that multiply with two, because there are two stories and then with million, just because. Only I can tell you some things...like this is a story about life and the ways that something plays with it. You never know what's in there for you but you won't stop until you find it. This is also a story about love and I don't mean boy and girl and their love. It's about all the types of all - the one you feel for "the one", the one you feel for your family, the one for your friends, the one for the life. It's also a story about growing up and finding yourself. This story...it's everything.

I'm sorry for not telling you about the plot or characters and yes I did that on purpose. I'm selfish and I admit it. I'll even tell you why. I love it, every single part of and I want it for myself. I apologize but that's the truth.