Reckless (Thoughtless, #3) - S.C. Stephens More Kellan! MORE KELLAN!! YOU HEAR ME! KELLAN!!

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Update: 7/3 - Ahhh goodbye Kellan! I'm gonna miss you.


I've read this book together with the girls from Way Too Hot Books blog. My girl Glass is also reviewing there and it was fun to read it with them cause I'm not into adult novels. I guess this one falls into the middle so we could all enjoy it. If you want to see our updates during the reading you can check this review.

It's hard to say a lot about the story as this is the third and the last book in the trilogy. But as always the story follows Kiera and Kellan. After all ups and downs and drama and troubles and whatnot the couple is ready to go on together. Only the circumstances make them question their love. A lot of things changed in their lives and they must learn how to go on.

Well I know that Kiera is not the most-loving narrator ever but the thing is if you wanna get piece of Kellan (and you do) you must see through her eyes. Long ago I stopped carrying about her, really she was just a person who tells a story. Yes she was "whiny, clingy, petty, wishy-washy...downright annoying" but I got used to it. I had some other issues with this book. It'd be too harsh to say that this book wasn't necessary but really at some points the story was pushed too far. It wasn't realistic any more and it became some sort of a fairy tale. To start with Kellan. Yeah people change I get that but really from that to become this, please. Unbelievable. Then the whole story about D-Bags. Yes the boys are amazing and deserve everything but...and don't get me start about the marriages.

The bottom line is even though I love this trilogy - Kellan the most - this book left some bitter taste in my mouth but some parts were enjoyable.