A Shade of Blood (A Shade of Vampire, #2) - Bella Forrest Review also posted at Ja čitam, a ti?

Not so long ago I've got invitation to do the review for A Shade Of Vampire. To be honest vampires are now old story so I didn't expect a lot. That's way the book took me by surprise and I really liked it. I was so happy when the author asked me to do a review for this one.

Like I said in my A Shade of Vampire review this series is about a girl named Sofia who gets kidnapped by Novak family. One of the eldest vampire family. Soon enough she becomes a pet of a price himself - Derek. But not only that she becomes something more. Up until a moment when her life gets in danger and she must go away. Now in this book the two of them are separated. Sofia is back into the real world with annoying Ben while Derek has a lot of things to do in vampire world.

I can't tell you more about the story but I can about my feelings for this book. First with annoying Ben. I have no clue if the idea was to create some sort of a love triangle there but honestly that annoying little brat is really getting on my nerves. That mostly was the reason why the first part of the book wasn't so good for me. Honestly this story becomes awesome when Derek and Sofia are together. Luckily I got that too. Still I believe that with all the realizations the next book in this series will be great. I mean if there is one but I strongly believe that there will be one.

Rating: 3.5 stars