Apollyon - Jennifer L. Armentrout Review also posted at Ja čitam, a ti?

Once again you'll have to bear with me and read a review about everything and nothing. Just to prepare you - you're about to see Aiden's name a lot and me being fan-girl over him is not avoidable. Sorry but yeah I have an absolute crush on him.

So Deity left us on the verge of nerves. Alex is not what she was. The power within her changed everything about her. She can't think clearly and her mind is not hers anymore. While Aiden, oh boy, he is even more perfect than ever - if that's even possible, he is doing everything to get her back. Elixir was even more heart-breaking. Just to tell you read it before you start with Apollyon cause it'll be more intense and clear to you. (I believe that the ebook is available for a free download at Spencer Hill Press' site.) That all lead us to the Apollyon where things get even more complicated.

While Aiden is on a mission to save Alex and gets through everything while she is breaking his heart Seth is on another mission all together. He is doing the thing he intended from the start. Now he has all the powers and he's really close to reaching his full potential. Needless to say I'm really good at predicting the real nature of the character. You can't fool me little boy!

I don't have to tell you that you'll most likely like this one too if you like the previous books in this series. I can't say that it was as good as Deity but Deity was on a whole new level. You'll enjoy the action and love in this one. Do I have to say that you'll drool all over Aiden, probably not. Oh my, I'm totally biased. So sorry for all this and I hope you'll enjoy this series.