A Happy Accident - Evan Tyler Review also posted at Ja čitam, a ti?

First off I want to thank Sarika @The Readdicts for the read-along. I really enjoyed reading this book with you and sharing thoughts about it. I hope we'll get to read-along some other books in the future. *fingers and toes crossed* ;)

Because Sarika is more responsible than I am she has already posted her review for this book. Quite honestly she made my job a lot easier as I see that we more or less completely agree with some things about this book. First is my feeling for it. I don't know what to thing and as always when you have some sort of love-hate relationship with the book it's hard to explain. To be more precise I loved the start of this book. It was so mysterious and left me wanting for more. As soon as I started reading about Bobby and Kindle (cool name I know) things have gotten to change. I shall say that I'm an early 90's kid and that some things here are more than weird to me. When I say some things I mostly mean on the marriage between the two of the main characters. I came out of nowhere and as much as I tried to I simply couldn't get over it. All besides that was nice - I liked Bobby's bandmates and the story itself had some good points. But some little devil thing at the back of my mind kept remember that part and I simply couldn't enjoy it fully.

I think that Sarika has liked the story better than me but still it was a nice story. It was quite different and it was nice to resolve the mystery.