Rose Under Fire - Elizabeth Wein Review also posted at Ja čitam, a ti?

We all make bad decisions, don't we? Well one of mine was requesting this book. While Code Name Verity received numerous praises I never finished it. I tried to blame it on war stories which I didn't read but then after reading Between the Shades of Gray I though that this time around I'd enjoy this one. Well I did not.

Like I said after never finishing Code Name Verity I needed few pages to see where I stand and to connect all the dots but once everything started to role so the issues started to appear. Me and Rose simply couldn't connect, not now and probably not ever. I couldn't feel and of her thoughts and only time I could get hints of her feelings was when she was flying. But things started to turn around with the second part of the book. After Rose was captured and sent to Ravensbruck I get to see the pain and struggle. Not Rose's but with the pictures of concentration camps and with the idea of how human life was worthless to some. Also with some of her poems which I really like this book wasn't such a disappointment to me as I initially thought.

The author really created so realistic and heartbreaking picture of the war and pain but when you and the person who tells you the story don't connect the feeling is never complete. But at the end of the day this book accomplished its goal as it told the world. All in all, I think it's time to say goodbye to this series.