Resilient - Patricia Vanasse Damn! What did you do with my sweetheart. Oh agony!

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Ever since I did cover reveal for this book I was really curious about it. It sounded like something new and it's been a while since I've seen something new in paranormal world. Luckily I didn't have to wait long and soon enough I started reading this book.

While everything starts with Livia, a girl who has to move from the New York and leave everything behind and settle in a smaller town - it isn't easy for her. She knows she is capable of doing many things and also afraid that she might not be able to control them. Her biggest fear is that she has no idea what's happening to her nor what new thing can happen tomorrow. Still she promises herself that she will try. Luckily for her she meets Adam, a boy who has supposed to help her with horses but at the same time the boy she shares more than she could imagine.

It all might have started typical with a girl who has is different and then meeting a boy and trying to hide her real power soon enough it started to be different. First with their powers, it was unique for me and I was really curious about the whole story. Also the relationship between the two of them was so sweet that I couldn't help but cheer for them. When everything started to be more intense and when things started to get more complicated I was afraid for them.

Even though this book ends with cliffhanger it only makes me want the next book even more. I can't wait to see more and discover more about the powers and their lives. But above all I need to see what happens with my sweetheart!