Some Fine Day

Some Fine Day - Kat Ross Review also posted at Ja čitam, a ti?

There is something in dystopian settings which seem so real and possible that lure me in. This is one of them. With huge climate-changes happening all over the planet it's really not hard to imagine that the weather will change drastically and that humans won't be able to live in the surface any longer. Well, this book offers you a solution - underground cities. I really hope you're not claustrophobic.

Jansin Nordqvist is a sixteen-year-old cadet living in one of the underground cities within the society highly controlled and divided. As in Utopia everyone knows its place and what one should or should not do. This order is what was a result of people's moving from underground after the hypercanes destroyed any possibility of living on the surface. So now, the government has organized the society and Jansin knows her place. Traveling to surface is something rich members of society get a chance to so the scientist can observe things on the land. Once Jansin gets a chance to travel up she is happily obliges. Only what she's about to learn there is not what the government hoped.

Now we're moving onto a tricky territory as I really don't want to spoil things. You can assume that the government kept many secrets and that Jansin has got to reveal some of them. She discovers life among the rage of hypercanes and her life changes.

Like I said I hope you're not claustrophobic as I really don't know how would I survive under the ground without seeing stars and sky everyday. It's something that people there are used to and how the cities are created under there really blow me away. It's maybe hard to imagine but if you think of it the world builds in your imagination. When it comes to Jansin, she was a great character most of the time, strong, capable and most of all human. But at moments she was too perfect and way too lucky near the end of the story.

What fascinated me here the most was the writing style. Kat Ross really did a great research and all characters possessed the right and suitable voice. And there is also romance which was so sweet and loving to me. It's also action packed and it kept me turning the pages like a madman.