Cracked - Eliza Crewe Review also posted at Ja čitam, a ti?

Whoever is accepting or approving books at Strange Chemistry is made of the same material as I'm. In the sea of books somehow all books published by them, that I've read by now, ended right in my alley. It's hard to resist books with unique storyline and amazing characters. But Eliza Crewe is the one I should thank the most.

When you read the blurb for this book you realize that the main character here is different. She is not an angel or damsel in distress, for the matter. She is a kick-ass girl who is standing on a thin ice between good and evil. Sometimes even she doesn't know on which side she is. Because she eats souls. Simple as that. It's her curse, as she is born like that. But she decided not to give up and let the universe do things for her, but to fight instead. And boy, she does a great job. During time she spend fighting and surviving she turned into a badass girl who is not afraid. But being alone and always an outcast developed her sarcasm to the new level. Just a few examples:

But worries are for people who can’t pull grown men apart with their bare hands.

I don’t know if I have a heart, but I get her point – both of them really.
And she doesn’t like me.

Not only this book is action packed and full of unique elements there is also romance, but bare in mind that this is not a love story, like Meda would put it. This is story about a girl who has strong instinct for survival and with all that kickbut abilities. It's a story about demons and those who fight them. It's a war that is upon them. Most of all this is highly entertaining book, which will make you laugh out loud. Trust me, Meda will do that to you.

Besides unique and engaging story this book is also nicely written. I enjoyed all idioms here and it was a pleasure to discover their meanings. Well we can say it's my professional bias, not that I'm a professional - yet.