Ghost Hold

Ghost Hold - Ripley Patton Review also posted at Ja čitam, a ti?

A month or so ago I've read and reviewed Ghost Hand and then I said that I really loved the uniqueness of this story. I did have some issues with the first book back then, but I can happily say that Ghost Hold was better than expected.

After getting to meet Olivia and her condition it was hard not to be perplexed by the idea of a ghost hand. It was something new and then we got to meet Marcus and see that this whole picture is bigger than we thought. When they get to see what CAMRers can do they know that they must go and help others with PSS because they are just victims who don't know where they are. With the list they go to rescue Samantha the girl with PSS. But things get much more complicated and darker than they thought.

Usually it happens that when a book presents a new idea, the sequel ends up being a disappointment because you're not fascinated by the phenomena any more, luckily Ripley had much more to add to this idea and make it even more interesting. For me it was great to see how this aspect is realistic and how even though that's the central idea of this story everything else is nicely built around it.

In this sequel we can also see the growth of characters and their emotions. It was great to see their relationship grow and they for sure have a special bond. Besides their growth we get to meet Passion better and see her story. It was a story that surprised me and I really get to like her more.

I truly enjoyed this story and how everything got to develop and after that ending it's hard not to eagerly expect the next book in this series.