Some Girls Are

Some Girls Are - Courtney Summers Review also posted at Ja čitam, a ti?

After This is Not a Test I was sure that I'd be reading other books by this author. I loved her writing style and the way she crafts her characters. It's even possible to touch them and you have feeling like you're inside them. In Cracked Up to Be it was a bit different as it's a contemporary read, but Courtney's world is real and as such cruel. He brought that to a new level in Some Girls Are.

We're once again back in the high school, for some the cruelest parts of their lives. Same is for Regina. A girl who used to to rule Hallowell High life became different now. Once at the wild party where almost all her friends got drunk something happened between her and her best friend's boyfriend. Regina is now facing the wrath of her used-to-be best friend and from the top of the pyramid, she is at the very bottom now. Even though she knows what really happened it's hard to prove that considering her actions towards others before. She is capable of anything, that girl. Now from being a bully she is the bullied one.

Like I said in the review for Cracked Up to Be, Courtney's pink glasses are lost somewhere as she delivers the real picture in her books. I dare say sometimes she even pushes it too far. Somehow some parts of this book were too cruel to even imagine. I know that kids or teenagers sometime don't have limits but things here went too far at one moment. I wanted to say unbelievable, as I never experienced such things in my high school, but few day ago few girls from one high school beat up one of their friends in my country. I guess things have changed.

Revenge is something that I usually avoid to read about, as I am a revengeless person and it's hard for me to understand characters who are not. Same is here, at moments things were pushed too far for my liking.