Mission One of Auggie the Alien (Auggie the Alien Series)

Mission One of Auggie the Alien (Auggie the Alien Series) - Leah Spiegel, Megan Summers Review also posted at Ja čitam, a ti?

I don't read middle grade books that often but every time I do they remind me why I love reading so much. It's always great to see how nicely authors wrap some really important life lessons under the cloak of silly children games and humor. Leah and Megan did just that here.

This is a story about Auggie, our little alien boy. His planet is in danger and people are seeking for a new planet to live on. During their advanced searches they found that Earth is perfect for their needs, so they decide to send Auggie on a mission. His tasks are pretty simple:

"sleep over" - the goal is to get invited by one buddy to a sleep over
"social outing" - he needs to be invited by more than one buddy for a social outing
"birthday party" - simply he must be invited to one birthday party

While it all seems easy enough, things get complicated easily. Especially when Auggie needs to follow so many complicated rules, which his classes didn't cover.

Not only this story learns how hard it is to fit in (whether you're a human or alien for that matter), but in Auggie's humorous voice you will laugh and enjoy his every moment on Earth. His English might be profound and on a high level, but understanding slang is like unsolvable mystery to him. By the way, why cannot we wear PJs to school. Lame rule if you ask me.

This is a story that will keep you turn pages with a huge smile on your face. You'll enjoy Auggie and his lovely character. It only takes few hours for you to read this but you'll be entertained and happy all day long.