Shadows of Asphodel

Shadows of Asphodel - Karen Kincy Review also posted at Ja čitam, a ti?

The time setting of this book is a very familiar to all of us. We all remember history classes and the whole First World War period. We know that Germany was preparing for the big war and that a lot of army and arms were included. But this book will show you that not only human inventions were part of this era, but some paranormal forces as well.

Ardis, our main character here is a mercenary and her task for Austira-Hungary is to kill people with her skills. With that she is half American and half Chinese, an unusual combination for that time, which brought her the life of mercenary in a first place. Once on a battlefield when she sees a man bleeding to death, it's strange that it hits her stronger than she would expect. She killed many after all. But soon enough she discovers that the bleeding stranger is more than usual man, he is actually a necromancer and if she let's him die he might return as a monster. She cannot let that happen. Upon saving him, he swears fealty to her. Now they're somehow stuck together, and soon enough they discover what a great team they are. On all fields.

While Ardis was someone I could easily connect with, Wendel and I have some issues to overcome. He is a great portrayal of necromancer, person who had a really tough past to deal with. Still I had some problems with some of his actions. But, on the other side the world-building and the whole setting has everything I could ask for. We're in the center of activities but at the same time we're far from it. The whole war idea is in the air but we can see everyday lives of people and the whole network of people behind the curtains.

I have a strong feeling that Karen Kincy has more to offer to the whole steampunk genre and be sure that I'll be waiting to see what.