Take Me On

Take Me On - Katie McGarry Review also posted at Ja čitam, a ti?

Tanja: This is yet another book my girl Glass and I got to read together. But this time we had a support in Nick @Nick's Book Blog. She already posted her review and you can check it out here. Now Glass start!

Glass: Fourth book in Pushing The Limits series - and please, Harlequin, don't make it be the last - was so good. So good! I think we were is swooning frenzy whole time we had been reading. Want to know why? Okay here we go.

All the reasons we think Haley is awesome.

Glass: As you probably noticed so far, we love when girls in our novels are strong, smart, when they don't measure their worth with how much boys like them, when they don't let anyone to push them around and when they fight for what they believe in. Haley is one of those.
Tanja: Totally agreed! She is not only strong and capable I like her sympathy and desire to help others. She is also selfless and boy does she knows how to fight!

Why did we lock West in our fictional harem?

Tanja: Even though we both cheered for Abby's story (we still do) Take Me On surprised me on many levels. Mostly it is West whom I didn't expect to be like this. He is one of the characters who in the previous book Crash Into You was not on my all time fave list but boy when you get to meet him. That's another story all together.
Glass: West wasn't my favorite character in previous book, Crash Into You, either. As the matter of fact, I thought he was selfish, I hated the way he sometimes treated his sister Rachel and I had my doubts about Katie writing more books in this series because I wasn't sure how long it could be new and not start to go into circles,but also about new characters - boy, was I wrong. West redeemed himself - he is perfect combination of bad and good boy - tough when he needs to be, a little bit reckless, but when it comes to the girl he likes - sweet and loyal.

But, absolutely the best female character of all time - Abby!

Glass: From the first time I read about Abby, I wanted to know more. I need to read her story! This girl is bad-ass. Even big, bad boys are careful around her. She walks like she is a queen and everyone around her are her loyal peasants. If they are not, she'll make them regret it. Still, you can see snippets of her true nature from time to time and there is so much more underneath her whole steely exterior.
Tanja: Agreed and I truly loved her in this book. This all is just another reason that I'd love to see her get her story.

Take Me On as a mix of young adult and new adult.

Tanja: Have you seen the movie Never Back Down? At moments this book reminded me of that movie and it's a great thing as it's a move I really like. Well the point of that question is that if you have then you'll notice that the movie is not exactly for kids but then again it carries a really strong message for everyone. The same is with Katie McGarry's books. It is about growing up and finding oneself in this cruel and tough world.
Glass: I'd say that Katie McGarry balances on that fine line between young and new adult. She combines best of both genre - you get amazing and heart-melting love story, but it never goes into the cliches of new adult. Take Me On reminds me a little bit of novels written by Jessica Sorensen.

Five reasons to read Katie McGarry novels:

You will walk all dreamy eyed and overwhelmed with feeling for days after you finish reading.
The best first kiss scenes you will ever read in your life.
You'll always FEEL everything.
Her characters are also well developed and real.
Katie McGarry's writing.

Will there be more sequels?

Glass & Tanja: That would be a million dollars question. Apparently, "publishing gods" are still thinking about fate of our favorite series. Only thing that is sure for now is another novel about Echo and Noah - Breaking the Rules could be described as conclusion to their story and it'll be published in December this year. Lets's hope that there would be at least two more books, because we really want to read Abby's and Ethan's stories.