The Here and Now

The Here and Now - Ann Brashares Review also posted at Ja čitam, a ti?

Upon seeing this book at NetGalley my heart skipped a beat. I thought we were finally getting a sequel to My Name is Memory, a book I adored so much. Once I realized that it's not the case I still wanted to read this book as Ann Brasheres is an author I admire. Luckily I got a chance.

Everything starts with the story of seventeen-year-old Prenna, who immigrated to New York five years ago. It wouldn't be a big thing if Prenna and all her friends haven't arrived from a different time period. They all have came from future in order to save their lives and hopefully the future, because the huge mosquito-borne illness has killed millions and millions of the people. It wouldn't be nothing unusual, only if she followed the rules. Not just the present ones, but the ones she isn't aware of. Upon coming to New York she was seen by a boy who still remembered her, even though no one is allowed to see them traveling.

Prenna started as a character I liked. She was lost and at the same time trying to follow the rules that are imposed upon her and trying to find who she was. Only sadly, later she became a girl that annoyed me a bit. She made some really stupid decisions and I wanted to yell (I did that actually) at her, at moments. When it comes to Ethan, well I don't how to describe him. He is all and nothing at the same time. At moments so passive and idiotic and at moments brilliant and you can see that he is really smart and good guy, but the problem is that many things that would be illogical for him, as for example time-travel, he just looked over, like it was nothing. Then there is the chemistry between the two. Huh, this is the hardest part to explain. It was sweet, but most of the time it was empty and emotionless and usually awkward.

This book and the story did have potential and the whole concept of the time traveling wasn't new but it worked with this idea, only I wish that certain things were tackled more logically and with more reason than I could find here.

Rating: 2.5 stars.