Stolen Songbird

Stolen Songbird  - Danielle L. Jensen Review also posted at Ja čitam, a ti?

It's rather rare for me to sit down just after finishing the book and start the review. But here I am, only few minutes after reading the last word of this book writing this. I cannot tell you how much this book makes me happy. But enough of my blabbing, gushing and fangirling (yeah, like that will ever stop), and let me tell you more about this book.

This is a story about Cecile, a young girl who suddenly gets kidnapped and soon enough finds herself in a world she heard stories about. I cannot tell you about time she is living in but as soon as we entered Trollus I forgot about our world in general. The caves are magical not only because they indeed are filled with troll magic but because they're beautiful. We cannot tell the same for most trolls living there, but Tristan is someone you must notice. His ideas aren't those of marriage and mostly not of breaking the curse, but actually they are quite different. But his attitude and impoliteness aren't those of the the next king. When forced together they must find a way around games and intrigues because they are now part of their lives. Soon enough they see that they both have more in common than they believed.

While some parts of this book sound really predictable and in fact they are, there are other things that make this book unputdownable. It's not just that the author made me fall for trolls but at the same time she created characters who are actually not special nor perfect. Cecile and Tristan are far from it. Every her decision is weighted and even though well aware of her love for Tristan she still has life outside and she still cannot let go the idea of the future that once was very near. She is rational as much as emotional. What more there is Tristan, a boy who is really rude and far from Prince Charming and he has all right to be. His will has been broken so many times and every his move is well calculated and planed. He is strategist after all. There is not insta-love here, here is romance that's built out of friendship and mutual desire to break so many rules and built a place for better tomorrow. Of course their relationship is not an easy one, when both of them are forced to be something neither of them wants to be.

This review is too long already, but I need to take a moment and tell you more about supporting characters, about Marc, who won me from the first appearing or Victor and Victoria who are hard not to like. Same as King, Queen and Duchesse who all played their parts in royal manner.

Lastly, this book is apparently over 400 pages, but I haven't felt if for a second and I'll gladly read 800 pages more if necessary.

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