Til Death

Til Death - Kate Evangelista Review also posted at Ja čitam, a ti?

There is this phenomena I'm experiencing with paranormal books lately. Mostly I get to see some really amazing ideas. They're usually new and unique, but the characters end up being totally different story. It's really hard to rate books as that.

Till Death is story about teens, actually sixteen year old Selena, who has been having visions for some time now. Even though it terrifies her at the same time she is used to keeping her secret and only her best friends know it. It was easy to control it until certain events, which started after Dillan's arrival, started to happen. He on the other hand knows what he is and he's raised to control it and rule the power within. When he sees that some powerful creatures are threatening and attacking girl who's been an unsolved mystery to him. Let's just say, he never leaves things unsolved.

Now we come to pros and cons of this story.
Pros: The whole idea of paranormal creatures and their hierarchy presented here was the most appealing aspect of the story to me. It was great to see how that all functioned not only in their city but on a higher level. The other thing is the whole storyline which was nicely planed and built.
Cons: The characters themselves. They were so stereotypical that it bored me till death. The whole Dillan being bad, perfectly-looking, arrogant boy got on my nerves from the start. Selena was totally neutral for me as for her feelings. She was meh, most of the time. Generally I couldn't care less for either of them. Which was the biggest obstacle for me.

At the end of the day I think that younger readers who enjoy typical bad-boys could enjoy much more than I did.

Rating: 2.5 stars.