Scarlet - Marissa Meyer Review also posted at Ja čitam, a ti?

After finishing Cinder it wasn't really hard to pick my next read. Scarlet was something I needed to read and so I did. I must admit that at the start I was a bit annoyed when our narrator wasn't Cinder but Scarlet but after chapter or two it was obvious that this girl will also become heroine I'd love to be.

Scarlet's story is one we follow here. We are now in France where she and her Grandma are living on a farm and growing vegetables. Up until one day her Grandma disappears and Scarlet is desperate in finding her. Only she finds someone else, Wolf. With the development of the story we see how Scarlet is connected to this whole mess much more than she believed and that Cinder and she have more in common than they though.

Same like in Cinder, at the start you think that this story is predictable as you have read classic fairy tales this story soon becomes totally new world which brings a lot of unexpected moments and twists and turns.

While I was annoyed that I didn't get to see more of Cinder and Kai soon enough I understood that there is an amazing reason for it - Scarlet and Wolf put another light to this world and make you see the story from different angles, without losing any of the magic.