Fury - Charlotte McConaghy Review posted at Ja čitam, a ti?

Taking away human emotions is something I have seen before in dystopian stories, but non of these stories was so dark and intriguing as Fury. Which made this story even more interesting to me is that I'm hardly ever furious, so seeing Josi explode in the nights of the full moon is how I sometimes feel to.

But let's go from the start. Josephine, our main character here is living in an dystopian world where the government has taken negative emotions out of people. They turned them basically into drones, without giving them opportunity to stand up and fight. But Josi is different, every year in time when blood moon is full she loses her memories and that night is always a mystery to her. Her secret stays with her until there is Luke. A guy who seems like any other drone but still different somehow. Josi must be careful as she knows that the government wouldn't be free if they knew her secret.

Beside interesting character and plot I really like the way this story was written. With constant switch from past to present and discovering story bit by bit I really couldn't put it down. Only thing that bothered me was that we get a part of the story which Josi tells to someone and in that part we have Luke's POV included. It wasn't a bad thing but I really had troubles with that as he was not around. It seems illogical to me and while I did like that we had his POV I couldn't get read of the weirdness.

All in all, I really expect this story to become something even more interesting.

Rating: 3.5 stars.