The House on Blackstone Moor - Carole Gill Review @ Ja čitam, a ti?

At the beginning you’ll probably be surprised by this book. It’s placed in past so the writing style will probably remaind you of some classics. This is really unusual story about the vampires. Different, because it’s not set in modern time and it’s not typical „girls fell in love with vampire“ story.
You’ll meet Rose, or better said she will tell you her story. Her story is dark and because of that the whole book is somehow dark and gothic. The story begins when one day she comes home and finds that her family has been killed and that the murderer was her father who killed himself at the end. She hasn’t got where to go so they place her in mental institution where she meets Dr Banninon. He finds her a job at House on BlackStone Moor and then things start to change.
I believe that people who enjoy gothic and dark stories will like this book more than me. After all I’m still lover of YA books.