Hate List - Jennifer Brown Review also posted at Ja čitam, a ti?

My girl Glass here is huge fan of Jennifer's books. All this time they used to be a mystery for me. Now I'm happy that that is not the case anymore. I'm happy that I've read Hate List and I really hope to get a chance and read the rest of the books.

As you can see from the blurb Hate List is a story about teens and bulling. One day Nick did something that changed people's lives. He shot several kids at the school and Valerie who didn't know that this would happen had to stop that. At the end Nick is dead and Valerie is someone left behind to deal with all this. Here you can see what bulling can do. This is really the story that will shake you to the core, not just because of the story but because it's so realistic that you'll live it all together with Val. She has to continue with her life and get back to the normal, but is that even possible. It's not because whenever something like this happens people search for someone to blame and it's easy to blame Nick in this cause cause he is dead. No one is trying to look inside themselves and see that it's not Nick who they should blame but themselves.

All this get us back to the story about bulling. This is a book that every teen and every parent should read cause we're all responsible the things happening today in schools. It's easy to blame someone when something happens but that way we're not doing anything. Parents you should take care of your kids and talk to them, cause believe it or not somewhere deep inside they're listening to you and kids bulling is not cool, it's just a way of showing how weak you are.