The Weight Of Night - C.L. Stegall I couldn't decide weather to rate this book with four or five stars, but when the child in me (or was it the fantasy lover) screamed: "Five!!" I had no more doubts.

Alexis is young girl that you'll meet here. She was always special cause she could do most of the things better than others. By her side always was Keats who even though haven't been as good as she was, he was the one who could keep up with her. That made them great friends. After she found out that all those things weren't just the coincidence she was about to find the truth about her. Unfortunately she finds the truth on hard way after losing a lot. Once Keats is in trouble she finds that when friends are in trouble there is no thing she won't do to help him. Alexis is the character that I couldn't help but love. She reminds me of those heroines you've seen in books you've read as a child (mostly). She is strong, determinate but also emotional, not pathetic though. All this story and its connection with Greek mythology was so good. The author made a perfect combination. I was so surprised when I figured that everything fits. I haven't read anything similar so I really enjoyed. Also some things were so unexpected for me and that rarely occurs.

I'd maybe change some things in this book, but as I haven't read some good fantasy book recently I won't talk about that. I'd firstly change the cover, cause it looks scary to me. I also want to say that I really like those two short stories in this edition. After reading this I have so many questions to ask and I'll do my research for sure. Mostly I'm curious about second book in this series.