Bright Star - Nickie Anderson Review also posted at Ja čitam, a ti?

First I should say that this is the debut novel by Nickie Anderson and I wish her all the luck with the publishing. I'm always happy to help the indie authors by posting reviews or promoting the book in any way. But regardless on that my reviews are always honest.

This is a story about Sadira. The girl who grew up with her father as she doesn't remember her mother. Her mother, as she was told, died when she was very young. Sadira now only has her father but when one day after he had disappeared she was left alone. I should now say that this is actually a dystopian book and that really took me by surprise. I didn't expect it. Soon enough she found out about the society and possibility that somewhere behind the walls her father could be alive. Baruj is also searching for his brother cause he also disappeared on the same ship. Both Sadira and Buruj feel that they're alive and so they decide to go and find them. Soon they travel far and discover all the things they couldn't dream of.

As I already said the best part for me ware those surprising parts. I really haven't expected some things to happen so it was really good. But unfortunately they were rare. The biggest problem I had with the books were characters and relationships between them. Characters weren't so developed so I couldn't feel them and because of that I couldn't feel their emotions. The story was interesting and good but only rear parts woke my emotions.