Treason - S.M. Boyce Review posted at Ja čitam, a ti? where you can also win an ebook copy of both Lichgates and Treason.

Considering that I'd discovered Lichgates by accident my love for this series has been even more special. I had high expectations of Treason and I couldn't wait to read it. Well you can only imagine how happy I was with this book.

Being back in Ourea was special. Seeing the world and its magic again made me so happy. It was painful to wait all this time to see what would happen with Kara and Braeden, especially when I've started to really like them both. Kara is really strong and I must say powerful girl. Even though she still haven't found herself and even though she still felt pain for leaving her world she must be strong. The only person who was there for her all the time was the one she cannot have cause she cannot bear to lose him as well. Braeden wasn't happy for that be he must understand how it was for her. He did but he wouldn't give up, and for that boy you have got me!

It's hard to tell you more about the story cause I don't want to spoil anything for you. When you read Lichgates and discover this whole new world you'll be amused with its magic and power. Treason is different. I mean magic is still there don't worry, but here main characters grow and you meet them better. Trying to save Ourea is not so easy when you have such kings. The complicated relations between them and a lot of aspects will make you confused. You don't know who to trust. Mostly when you also have your family that don't care for you but only for power. They're your blood and in a world where bloodline means so much it's not easy to go against them.

Basically Treason picks up where Lichgates ends. Be ready for new adventures and also for a new fights, not only those physical but also emotional. I loved every single page of this book. Boyce once again did amazing job. *standing ovations*