The Iron Queen - Kaitlin Bevis Review also posted at Ja čitam, a ti?

One thing I didn't admit while ago. I didn't know the myth about Persephone before I've read the first book in this series. It's strange considering how popular it is. Of curse after reading Persephone I immediately had to find everything about it. Now two books later I can happily say that Kaitlin managed to put that myth into modern world and she did that really successfully.

This series started we can say typically. We had a girl who didn't know who she was and the main problem in her life at the time was high school. But then things started to change and soon enough she discovered her real nature. Later with the Daughters of Earth and Sky and now The Iron Queen I can say that I grew up together with her. I've seen her transform form shy girl into a real goddess and at moments being stronger than Hades. We all know who he is so you get the idea. I loved every-single-aspect of their relationship and only thing I'd love is to see more of them together. They were more or less separated throughout this book but still I could see how they felt and how much they cared. Persephone didn't only grow emotionally but also as a goddess. She showed especially in this book how strong she really is. Not dropping on her knees in front of Zeus and many would do just that. Only thing that bothered me here is Aphrodite or better said her POVs. I know that they were necessary but somehow I couldn't connect with her.

During this series I've also met many other goddess. Mostly they're shown like a normal people until you piss them off. Then you can see the real power - especially with Hades. So I must say that this is a great book if you'd want to learn more about mythology but in YA way. Meaning not just myths but also see them as people first then as goddess. For me it was a pleasure to read this series.