The Help - Kathryn Stockett I knew from the beginning that i'll like this book. Really great reading.
Everybody knows but well i have to say, this book is about three women, two are black and one is white. It's really beautiful when you read that small things can change something big, like in this book. They became great friends after everything.
I think that Skeeter is my fave character, because she is actually doing something. She is naive but also very honest.
Aibileen is also my fave character. I love the stories she tells to little Mae. Because of them you know that one day Mae will become great person. She won't have prejudices, she is raised by black women and she will know that it doesn't matter the skin color.
Minny is (guessing right) my fave character. The thing is you can chose you fave character here. The tree of them are so different but also it's easy to love them.