Thoughtless (Thoughtless, #1) - S.C. Stephens I can not explain how much I enjoyed reading every (okay not every, damn this book is long) most of the pages of this book!

Somewhere in the middle of the book I stopped thinking do I hate or love this book, realizing that it's impossible for me to hate it.
Although I can't say how many times I wanted to slap Kiera because of so many stupid decisions or actions she made. Then again it made this book stronger and real. Funny thing is that in books I mostly support "good guys" but Kellen, oh hell it's impossible not to fell for that guy. Denny is really sweetheart and it breaks my heart for everything what happened to him, but Kellan is well Kellan. He is also one big idiot by the way, still idiot of his own kind.
The best part of the book is the ending, I cried like a baby. That's why I'm so scared of reading second book (if that book disappointing me, I'll be really, really pissed off).
Until then this book is safely saved in some part of my heart and mind, and I'm sure it will remain there for quite a long time.