Fallen in Love - Lauren Kate I have no clue how to rate this half-books! Seriously this is published as a book, oh Dear Lord! I'll just say it surely isn't as good as first two (unfortunately) but it's a bit (but really little) better than third one (it's shorter thought)!

I wanted to jump out of my skin when I read "announcer", oh yes I still have nightmares after Passion. Luckily it's only mentioned few times, so I survived.
Basically here you have stories about Valentine's Day (now how sweet is that?). It's good because you find out something more about characters and also remember them. Yes that's problem with those books I don't have enough memory to remember who is related to who and everything, but that's my mistake. I got to say that the most interesting story was about Arriane (so you pay attention).
Maybe I sound too negative but really I'm not a heater and God knows how much I want to feel same joy that I felt within reading Fallen and Torment, but the magic is not here. I don't know why and how it disappeared but I want it back badly. I still have hope that Rapture will surprise me (please, please, please...).