City of Thieves: A Novel - David Benioff Let me be honest first. I considered giving this book 3 stars, but then I read reviews and the truth is this book doesn't deserve such a low rating. I would feel guilty to give it 3 stars just because it's not my "cup-of-tea" book. So I'm giving it 4 stars and here is why.
Because it's beautifully written. I enjoyed in some descriptions and story itself is told in really nice way. It's really readable and while you're reading it you see that you're on the half of the book and you can't believe it. Another thing are characters. This books is really funny, especially Kolya. He is such a great character, funny, smart and I loved his irony. Other characters are great Lev and Vika but Kolya is special so I was sad at the end. Characters aren't the only funny thing in the book, the whole story about eggs made me really laugh.
If you love love-triangles, forbidden love and that things this is not book for you, but if in the other hand you like historic stories about war and people who're trying to survive it with a dose of humor then this is book for you.