Delirium  - Lauren Oliver What will I do with you little book.
ATTENTION: If you haven't read the book don't read spoilers, really I said to much and you'll regret it. I couldn't do it on any other way, so don't blame me if you read something that you didn't want to know.

Let's start form the beginning. At first this book was...well annoying. Only thing I appreciated was the situation and place where this book is set. I never read synopsis so I had no clue what is this about. Everything else was predictable. As soon as I started reading I knew that she will fall in love and that she will want to escape. Of course I knew it was Alex. At that time I thought about giving up, but somehow I knew (I saw ratings here) that it will be good at the end and so I continued.
Second part was sweet. Still predictable but sweet. I don't say it's the best love story description but it was really readable so I let myself go and I enjoyed.
Here we are at the point that changed everything. Last part of the book (or last 2-3 pages). I expected they'll try to run away, but I though they'll make it. Alex can't be dead I refuse to believe in that. I finished this book few minutes ago and now I'm a wreck.

Luckily I don't have to wait long for Pandemonium.