Cathedral of the Sea - Ildefonso Falcones This book is one of the results of my long wandering around the library. Ever since I've read The Shadow of the Wind and then other Zafon's books I wonder around Spanish corner to find something like those books. (No, I haven't succeed yet, but I won't give up.) During that time I somehow started to dream about Barcelona. Spain was never my "dreamland" (that has always been Brazil), but after reading all those beautiful descriptions of Barcelona I have to say If I could choose where to live one of the options now would be Barcelona.
About the book, at first 100-200 pages I was really surprised and I enjoyed. But then it became long story. Still interesting but really long. I must admit I skipped few pages and soon enough I was confused among all those characters and their relations. All that story about cathedral is nicely connected with people, main character in first place.
Maybe I'll find this book more interesting once when (if) I stop being fascinated by magic and paranormal things.