Looking for Alaska - John Green When I first time saw this book here I couldn't wait to read it. Everything sounded so interesting. "First friend, first girl, last words" sounded promising, and then all that story about "Great Perhaps". And finally I found it today.
After I read this book I can say that I'm a bit disappointed. I probably expected too much.
Story was interesting, characters also, but I missed something, I missed emotions mostly. It was just a story and I couldn't find parts where I'll stop and read that paragraph again and I'll have goose-bumps. I haven't found that. Everything was true it is a story about "First friend, first girl, last words" and that story about "Great Perhaps" is also really nicely connected with this story. But it was just a storytelling and nothing more.
I'm the problem obviously, because people here really like this book, probably this is bad time for me to read it. Maybe I expected too much, who knows. I just couldn't find anything that will move me in this book.