Lost Dogs And Lonely Hearts - Lucy Dillon This is one really sweet and readable story, so 4 stars from me. Just for the record I'm not chick-lit fan at all, so when I give it 4 stars it's really good. Besides I'm dog-lover so I couldn't give it any less. I guess people who like sweet, chick-lit stories will love this one.

This is story about people who try to live their everyday life, but they still don't know that their lives will be changed. It's about women, Rachel, in here late 30's who loses everything and gets everything in the same time. She just need to realize that. After her aunt dies she inherits her house and dog shelter. Rachel moves form London and tries to take care about everything. There he'll meet Natalie and Johnny, young couple who are trying to have a child and Zoe also, young divorced women, mother of two sons, who is still struggling after divorce. Although, Rachel thinks he is not right person for this and she tries to find a way to leave all that and find herself, she slowly gets into routine. Where she finds answers on some of the questions.

From the blurb you can see how this story will goes, not everything but most of the things. Even though this story is predictable, I can say that I enjoyed. Really, nice read.