A Match Made in High School - Kristin Walker This is one really nice and readable book. It was one funny and relaxing reading.

In this book you'll meet Fee (Fiona), she is senior and she expects that a lot of things will now change (and it will). So her school made one I can say great decision. They decided that they will split all seniors into couples and they'll pretend to be married. I wish my high school was that fun, gah. She ends up with how Fee says Señor Shitslacks (trust me this girl really knows how to give a nickname) Todd. She must learn few things about life, such as what is compromise and how to get along with somebody that you can't even look at and that you can always give a second chance to somebody. Of course she has a secret crush, his name is Gabe and she will learn yet another thing about appearance. By her side will be her friend Mar and her "husband" Johnny. Will she change herself and her opinions after this project? Well you'll have to read the story, I won't tell you.

There are few things I would change, but well I guess that younger readers wouldn't agree with me. But the thing is this story is written for certain group of people, I mean teens. So this is completely appropriate for their age. Kristin did really good job with this book. If I were younger I would probably go crazy for this book.