Divergent  - Veronica Roth This book literally took my breath away! I mean LITERALLY!

Ever since The Hunger Games I've became huge fan of dystopian novels and ever since then that was my favourite dystopian book. Until now. Now it shares that place with this book and hopefully with other books from this series.

Here is what I like:
- Characters. Tris is definitively one strong and amazing character. She seems so mature and so everything. Even though she is great my favorite character here is Four. But not just two of them make this book with awesome characters. All the others: Christina, Al, Peter and so on. They all seem to show all the good and bad things in all factions.
- Second thing is story about five factions. If somebody asked me before this book to name five virtues which you can find in all of as and that they can determinate how people would act if one of them was dominant, I wouldn't know the answer. It looks like Veronica knew the right answers. It's hard for me to put myself in one faction, although I can tell were I would end up. Maybe I'll be able to tell more after I meet that faction better in Insurgent.
- Next thing is the story. Although you have no idea at first what's going on this book is so appealing. From the descriptions of society to the Tris choosing her faction and all about Four and his life. All those simulations help us to meet all characters better.
Humor. I'd never think that I'd be laughing so hard within reading this book, because the whole idea is really serious but I did. I really laughed so much.
- Love. The love is not the primary thing in this story that's why I like it so much. Because it fits there just right. They are not just running for each other, they're trying to find the way to help people. In the meantime if in the story you come across those pages filled with love you'll relax. Those parts are put in the right places because this book is so intense.
- Cover. I didn't understand it at first, but after reading it I do. It was a bit odd to see this cover as I didn't know what this symbol means. Now I know! It's beautiful and shiny also.

This book has more than 400 pages but you won't be aware of that, trust me. It only took me few hours to read it. Of course now I want to turn back time as I have to wait until the Insurgent is out. But not for long, luckily!

Without further add I welcome myself into the Divergent Nation and I also give this book 5 stars.

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