The Immortal Rules - Julie Kagawa I really have hard time rating this book. In some parts of the book I really enjoyed while I just wanted to skip some of them. I expected more originality here. Yes, I haven't read dystopian book with vampires but I don't see some really huge difference in general between this and some other dystopian story. But let me tell you more about the story.

Allie is young girl and main character of the story. She is living in the world after plague. Now the vampires are the rulers of the city where Allie lives. She and couple of her friends who are Unregistrated are trying to survive on the other side of the wall. Life there is hard, they need to fight for their lives and in the meantime they also need to stay away form vampires on the other side of the wall. Good thing in this book is that vampires are described like a bad-ass monsters. Not some creatures craving for love. They are blood-suckers and they live according to that. OK, except Allie later but she is young.

After going on the other side of the wall Allie and her friends get attacked. She is saved and only way to survive is to become who she hates the most - a vampire. She doesn't want to die in a way to disappear forever, so she dies and becomes creature of the dark. Her savior is Kanin who will try to learn her how to survive. After series of events (I don't want to put spoilers in this review) she is alone on her own. In her attempt to survive she discovers a group of humans who are trying to find paradise on destroyed earth. One member of that group is young boy Zeke. They are chased by group of dangerous people. Will they survive and find what they're looking for? What will happen between Zeke and Allie? Get the book and find out.

Point is that this book is not bad. Only it was painfully long, if it was 100 pages shorter I'm sure I would enjoy more. Other things that could have been better are: Allie, she is not bad character in general, but some of her decisions I couldn't understand; Zeke, he definitively isn't the character that I'll fall for. True, he is very young and naive, but still some of his decisions were disaster for me. If somebody asks me I'd prefer to see Kanin instead of him with Allie. But that doesn't mean that good old love-triangle won't be in the second book.

All in all, I can say that I expected more, because of all those 5 star reviews. Still, I expect book two to be better.

It's actually 3.5 stars.

I want to thank Harlequin Teen for providing me this arc.