The Iron Queen - Julie Kagawa I admit it, I was a little bit disappointed after The Iron Daughter, but this book was perfection. Thank you Julie!

It's hard to say anything after reading this book. Beautiful story. I thought that first book was amazing, but this one was much better. I was surprised also. Somehow after book two I thought that this series won't be as good as it was at the beginning but here I'm, taking those words back.

In this book you'll meet character better, their story and love and friendship. Meghan is different now. She knows what she has to do and she is willing to do everything to keep Nevernever safe. Ash will be by her side but even winter price can't keep her always safe. She will find her purpose here but will costs be too high?

Ash, me dear, don't give up. I'm sure that there is army of us "regular humans" to support you and believe in you.