The Iron Knight - Julie Kagawa I know that series must come to an end one day and as much as I love to finish them I know I'm going to miss them. This one I'll miss a lot.

I was surprised when I saw that this story is told from Ash's point of view. I was used to Meghan telling us the story, but still Ash is wonderful narrator as everything else.
Once more you'll be back in Nevernever and this time you'll meet some other parts of it. Maybe not as beautiful as Winter or Summer realm, but it doesn't matter. You'll still have Puck to make it funny even if it's not!
This is really wonderful story about friendship, true love and life in general.

I wanted to say goodbye Nevernever but as you all probably know by now there will be next series about Meghan's brother Ethan. I'm sure that I'll be lost in Nevernever again. Will I see Ash, Meghan or Pack again I don't know, but I'd love to!

Thank you Julie for writing this book for us lovers of fairy tales and hopeless romantics.

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