The Glimpse - Claire Merle I don't know if I should say finally or not! I really had hard time with this book. When you get to the point that you actually have to encourage yourself to keep reading you know it's not good. Now after I've finally gone through whole book I'm confused. I'm not confused with the story. I'm confused about my opinion of it.

The whole concept of the story is actually not so bad. I mean it's extreme but still it's new and I like new, innovative ideas. The writing was not the best for me. It couldn't keep me focused. I couldn't feel anything, only words coming one after another creating one story, which I'm afraid will be forgettable.

I won't tell you about the story itself because more than enough you can read in the summary. I also won't rate this book as I don't know how.

Copy of this book is provided by publisher via NetGalley. Thank you.