Intuition - Amy A. Bartol I'll try to mark all the spoilers here, but if you haven't read the book one and you're planing to then don't read my review.

Here goes the rest of the story, so shall we?!

Like I said the book one finished with our love triangle. So yes, now that another boy Russel is angry on our little girl Evie cause in the meantime she transformed him into an angel as well. She is left with "the love of her life" Reed (he is the hot angel if you're confused) and so life goes on. In the meantime they have some troubles but nothing that big-guy Reed can't handle. That's the point when this book was good, relaxing and readable.

Now comes the most annoying part in the whole book . It's story told form Russel's point of view. Dear lord, that part was too much, too much of everything, too much descriptions, jealousy, repeating the story and so on. Luckily it wasn't long. But then happened something that I really couldn’t understand. Evie decides to run away from Reed, because she doesn't want him to get hurt, although he told her like a billion times that he'll sacrifice himself if anything happens to her!! And that's not all, she decides to take Russel with her!! Yes she wants to protect him, but she somehow thinks that they'll be safe alone even thought the whole army of creatures is after her! Absurd? Tell me about it!

So they manage to do what they've planed to. For some time, they're doing good job with hiding, but of course just for some time. Soon enough they were attacked by (please allow me just to find the name) yes, Gancanaghs. In case you're wondering what are they: They were faeries once but they were transformed into Gancanagh which is some sort of a vampire, they have fangs, drink blood and all that! (to be clear I don't have nothing against new creatures) But that's not all! Their leader I can't remember his name right now (something with B, but it doesn't matter), so he fells in love with Evie! Yes now we have love four-angle, because love-triangles are too mainstream!

Moving on. After they get away and everything, new trouble is in the air! Evie thinks that Reed is dead. Alfred, her old-ex-friend who is bad guy btw, told her that and of course she believed him. She is going to some sort of council to try to save him or to sacrifice herself or whatever. Apparently, he is not dead, he saves her life and they're free to go. Council intended to kill them, but they're in love. I mean who can resist eternal love? Awww! So they're gone to live happily ever after! The end!

One more thing I want to add and that's my favourite quote form this book
“Doubt thou the stars are fire;
Doubt that the sun doth move;
Doubt truth to be a liar;
But never doubt I love…
I love thee best, O most best, believe it.”

Sounds familiar? Yes? Of couse it does. Those are Shakespeare's words!

I'll say this one more time, I really wanted to enjoy while reading this book. I tried but I couldn't. I hope that I'm the only one. Idea of this story is not bad, only Evie is probably the worst female character I've ever seen.