Rapture (Fallen, #4) - Lauren Kate Oh Joy, oh Rapture!
We all very well know that I love this series, but we also know that I was way too much disappointed by third book. Now after this last book I'm happy to say that Lauren did great job. Maybe the book is not as good as first two, which I loved, but still I'm happy that this story has decent ending.

After all that traveling and searching and confusion in Passion, we're back in the story. Now Luce, Daniel and others must find a way to stop certain things. It's hard to say more about the story because I don't want to put spoilers in here. Let's just say you'll meet a lot of interesting beings, you'll discover some secrets. One big thing is that you'll discover who Luce is and what happened to her and Daniel.

After a lot of centuries searching for the truth last battle is about to happen. Luce and Daniel must made decision that will create their future. Only thing is that maybe there is someone who had other plans. Maybe someone important that we must not forget.

Goodbye my dear angels. Thank you for this journey. Thank you Daniel and Luce for this love story. Thank you Lauren Kate for writing this story. Goodbye, I'll remember you all for a very long time.